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Meeko is one of Merle & Ralf's puppies

You can find Meeko on instagram he is one of our grown puppies who have their own page meet_meeko_  .
Meeko is a beautiful boy who has a great life with his beautiful family.

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Rosie is one of Milly & Ralf's puppies

Rosie lives in Victoria with her family, she is very well loved and has a great life.
She is very intelligent and is sensitive to individuals who are unhappy or unwell, snuggling up to them without prompting.

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Hexa is one of Mylie & Ralf's puppies

Hexa left us to live with his family in Darling harbour, he had a very busy life and was well adapted to city life. 
Hexa has since moved to USA and now lives in Wisconsin. 
Hexa is a very social boy he has a great life.

Puppies grown: About
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